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Lee Humphreys
Chief Executive Officer, Creative Production Services, HH Global

Creative execution expert Lee Humphreys shares his thoughts on the importance of tailoring, adapting and transcreating creative content and how HH Global maintains strong client relationships to maximize the success of these efforts around the world.


Why do brands need to do a better job of tailoring creative strategies to regional markets?

I have found that CMOs often have no control over the output in other regions around the world. Many times, when I talk to new clients and start looking at their brand and how they're portrayed in different regions, there are major inconsistencies around their brands, whether it's the design, adaptation, localization or even the execution.

The process needs to start with alignment within their businesses. Our clients that execute really well globally have a strong mandate within their own marketing teams while others may have less focus and alignment, and this leads to marketing teams pulling in different directions. Collaboration on the front end is so important in order to get the most value out of your adaptation efforts and to understand what works well and what doesn't regionally. Planning is also key. Anyone can translate and execute a piece, but I think the thought pattern behind it is more important than anything, to ensure a well executed…

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