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Valerie Thomassin
Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications–Europe, Global Demand Center and Sales Enablement, Xerox

Valérie Thomassin wears several hats within Xerox. She is Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Europe, responsible for driving marketing and communications strategies and execution to support Xerox’s services, technologies and brand transformation initiatives in the region.

Valérie Thomassin has global responsibility for both Sales Enablement and Xerox’s Demand Center, the global hub for demand-generation marketing campaigns. In all three areas, content is king. It’s critical, Thomassin says, that content is optimized for maximum impact on Xerox’s business, and that requires an integrated strategy for every important piece of content.

How has your approach to content marketing changed at Xerox in recent years given changes in buyer behavior and new channels of engagement?

There has been a major change. Xerox has always had a very strong sales focus. Much of our content was focused on our products and services, but we’ve shifted. Marketing is no longer just about our products and services; it’s about the stories we tell. This has been a big change in terms of culture, and it’s happened because of the transformation of the customer’s buying journey. Let's say that, today, 60–70 percent of the buyer journey is completed prior to engaging with a vendor. Also, consumers or clients engage with more than 11 pieces of content prior to making a purchase. That is…

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